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Escape | Urethane Eco Rep Set

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The Urethane Eco Rep Set provides clubs with the opportunity to step up their commercial game with an environmentally friendly (93% recycled material) rep set option. Perfect for clubs that are passionate about getting their studio offering just right.

Urethane is a tough and durable material that prolongs the life of fitness equipment and keeps it looking good for longer. It’s kind to polished floors, which makes it an ideal choice for use in Group X studios.

A sleek, glossy black design will look good in any facility and green and black Clamp Collars help these rep sets stand out. Fast weight changes mean that members can ensure they hit every rep.

To keep the Urethane Eco Rep Sets tidy and easily accessible for members, store them on the 10 Rep Set Rack which has been designed especially to fit the Eco Rep Sets.

2 x 1.25kg Eco Plates
2 x 2.5kg Eco Plates – Pair – Black
2 x 5kg Eco Plates – Pair – Black
30mm Hollow Bar with urethane end caps to help protect flooring
2 x 30mm Rep Set Clamp Collars

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