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The VERTMINI is the newest addition to the Escape Fitness range of medicine balls and is one of the smallest, most compact balls on the market. Its soft surface and compact design mimics the Escape Vertball but lends itself ideally to partner exercises and mobility workouts. The VERTMINI’s small diameter is a familiar size, similar to a football or netball, and each ball measures just 21cm across.

The VERTMINI is perfect in team games to get members running and to inject fun into group training sessions. The sure-grip surface means that throwing and catching drills can be performed safely with maximum precision.

Store the VERTMINI on the RACK5 (pictured). It can hold up to 20 VERTMINIs and keep them safe, tidy and easily accessible for both members and instructors. Alternatively, the Medball Racks hold five to ten VERTMINIs.

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